Created by industry experts

Our app was created by a team that has worked, consulted, mentored, trained & guided the childcare service industry for over 15 years.

Alina Dan

Thought leader and expert within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector. NQF and Auditing specialist.

Amanda Blackshaw

Systems and processes expert with extensive experience within the Early Childhood Education and Care Sector.

Michelle Florimo

HR, Systems analysis and strategic planning specialist working with hundreds of services across Australia.

Mel Calci

Childcare industry expert across QIP, compliance, setting up services, provocations and invitations to play.

Karen Mahoney

Childcare industry expert with a strong knowledge and understanding of the QIP, regulations and compliance.

Lisa Dooley

Experienced Administration and Events Manager who prioritises and supports all our stakeholders.

“A fantastic platform helping all educators move into the digital age. It’s easy to use and navigate and has tons of helpful resources. But most important is it allows for team collaboration and input from all staff. Highly recommended.”

Sunayna - Unity Junior

Our goal is to save you time

  • Gaps, Goals & Tracking

    We understand that the source of a lot of stress and headaches is QIP!

    We’d had enough of seeing people struggle and wasting so much of their precious time trying to keep up with their QIP obligations – so we decided to do something about it and create a software that easily identifies your service and system gaps, provides you with clear goals, and tracks your progress so QIP no longer needs to be overwhelming!

  • Welcome to Holistic QIP

    We’ve poured years of knowledge and resources into a platform that will empower you to meet your NQA obligations in as little time as possible.

    Our priority is to ensure you can focus your time & efforts on doing what you do best, and at the same time operate a fully compliant centre that surpasses the expectations of your families and children.

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